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Developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of officials,Functionaries and representives involved in rural development So as to introduce them to the newest concepts,techiques and Information to enable them to act as catalysts for qualitative Development. Identifying possibilities and exploring potentials for integrated development through research & study of ongoing rural development programs & schemes to ensure the hamessing of resources towards the achievement of development's goal. Rural Development which is concerned with economic growth and social justice, improvement in the living standard of the rural people by providing adequate basic needs becomes essential. The present strategy of rural development mainly focuses on poverty alleviation, better livelihood opportunities provision of basic amenities and infrastructure facilities through innovative programmes of wage and self-employment. The above goals will be achieved by various programme support being implemented creating partnership with communities,non-govermental organizations, community based organizations, institutions, while the Department of Rural Development will provide logistic support both on technical and administrative side for programme implementation. aspects that will ultimately lead to transformation of rural life are also being emphasized simultaneously.